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Reseller Affiliate

Although, as there is no method to create a pilot to determine projected revenues, we based our estimates based on what other people have measured from their websites. On average, actual earnings are at about 1/5 of Pay per Click Advertising revenues.

Simply put, a Reseller Affiliate Program is a marketing strategy where an online advertiser hires a webmaster to place their ads on their site that also gets a commission from sales that are generated from the clicks that the ad or affiliate link will get. After clicking on the advertisement, a user will be led to either fill out a form, to be asked to receive a newsletter or to make a purchase. There are also a good number of reseller affiliate program types to choose from and WorldCom Online Marketing provides these options for you and your business. Moreover, we offer relevant content that will ensure the efficacy of the system and the reliability of the results.

Having a large team to ensure the success of our site’s reseller affiliate system, we employ hundreds of web content writers and other related specialists to ensure that your business stays on top. We also accumulate revenue from percentages of sales made; thereby creating a mutually beneficial network or community that facilitates lucrative returns for all. Most of all, the initial investment to build the business is only a fraction of what a similar set-up would cost in the US. Operating in a country like the Philippines ensures bigger profit margins for the company as well as all our stockholders and investors.

Being home to highly-skilled and English proficient workers, the Philippines presents an ideal location to install our Cyber Center operations. Our Pod Managers or web team leaders posses many years of experience in website development and generating traffic, HTML Coding, Website Design, SEO, Link Building and Article Writing and Distribution. Specifically, they hold the following certifications: C, FoxPro, Clipper, Visual Basic, Real Basic, Delphi, Cold Fusion, PHP, Java Script, HTML, xHTML, XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL, WML, FLASH Media Server, AJAX, CakePHP, SugarCRM, Prototype, windows.js, HTMLx, Wordpress Plugin developer, Wordpress Theme integrator, Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports, FrontPage, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, WS FTP, MS Mysql Manager, Setup Specialist, Active Skins, Guild FTP Server, Putty, Hamachi, VNC, Remote Desktop, Flash, Jabber, Visual Studio, NuSpear, Eclipse, IIS, Apache, NetSupport, Visual SVN, TortoiseSVN Mysql , MSSql, MS Access, Foxpro, SqlLite. They oversee the construction of websites frThere are a variety of reseller affiliate organizations in the Internet which work by creating earnings from sales made from various online businesses and product developers, but that the big online retailers provide the products and the advertisement packages—banners, widgets, search boxes, video units, etc.—needed to support the goods sold. om each member of every Pod to meet their 30-a-day per pod member quota.

Strategically, WorldCom Online Marketing skillfully develops Cyber Centers or web stores with key search terms in the URL as well as create content for web stores by also utilizing our revolutionary software to help acquire and develop top content. We also build links through experienced SEOs, perform website maintenance and updates and continually add new advertisers and products to sustain the success of the project.

On the whole, the benefits of integrating consumers, companies and their businesses all in one site—WorldCom Online Marketing—facilitate the vast possibilities for changing the way online sales are made.